Prague – Day Three

Day 62

7th September

Our priority today is to get rid of the extra weight in our luggage! With our packages boxed up and ready to be sent home we carried the 9.25kgs worth of stuff down to the post office. I had to buy another box and pack it there because I had so much stuff I didn’t need to carry with me anymore.

Postage is difficult in Prague! It seems in Czech, most people speak barely any english, if any at all! A lot of other countries have been very easy but it was definitely a challenge sending this stuff back home. They gave me 3 slips to fill out that had no english at all and the post guy gave us very little direction. I filled out a much as I could though.
It was pretty expensive to send back but having all that room on my case is definitely worth a lot of money! I don’t want to have to do that ever again though it wasn’t much fun!
Afterwards we went off to see this big Prague Castle. We weren’t far, just a couple tram stops away and we were at the bottom of the hill we just needed to walk up. There were so many pretty old buildings and great little shops! I bought an amazing present for my parents and Rhys got some great things for his parents too so the trip to the castle was already well spent!
The castle itself was interesting, it wasn’t a castle in the traditional sense, it had walls enclosing it all but it was a group of buildings inside that surrounded the giant cathedral. The cathedral was stunning! Definitely an impressive sight when you first walk into the gates of the castle.
We probably expected a bit much from the Prague castle as it didn’t seem to impress us as much as we thought it would, but it was definitely nice to have a look around.
After we went down toward Charles Bridge which is one of the more popular things to see in Prague.
There were artists all the way along and religious statues, very cool. It led you along into old town, we saw the 5 level club that we would be visiting later that night and we walked around old town for a few hours, checked out the square again because it was so impressive yesterday we thought we would get a few more photos! The astronomical clock is beautiful!
We found one of the many many absinth shops, since it is legal here, and bought ourselves an absinth ice-cream. It tastes a lot like very strong marzipan or almonds, with a little bit of poison added haha! The icecream had no effect on us to our disappointment, but I expected as much.
We went and got a coffee but I couldn’t shake being tired so we went back to the hotel so I could have a 20 minute power nap before dinner and while I did so Rhys went to the mall up the road. I woke up at 9:00pm I had slept for over an hour and Rhys came home as I woke up. I like sleeping too much and I think I have had the best sleep of the trip while staying at this hotel.
We went to a restaurant down the road called “Penguins” just for Krystle! I got the carpaccio pizza, which freaked me out a bit, Rhys got Czech’s version of the diavola. Full up, we caught the tram to the castle station and walked over Charles Bridge at night, very pretty, and we found our way to the 5 level club for a drink and possibly dancing. It was very quiet when we got in, the drinks were average and to be honest the place looked and smelt like a public toilet with disco lights! haha don’t get me wrong, very cool concept but we were only allowed to go on 3 levels because of private parties at the top and bottom levels so it wasn’t unlike every other club we have been to. When the place got busier it was more interesting, but I think it was just a bunch of contiki kids and pub crawler groups, because there didnt seem to be any locals visiting this club at all! There were some pretty cool lighting effects around the place which kept us interested for a while, and watching the Contiki kids mingle and dance was pretty funny. Soon got bored, it was in the hours of the morning and we have a train to catch tomorrow so we headed back for a sleep.
We caught the metro back and we were pretty tired by now, We had to climb another flight of stairs to get out of the station and Rhys thought it would be smart to take a run up and jump a few stairs to quicken to trip up. Mid jump we hear a mighty rip and realise Rhys has ripped his pants near the front pocket down about 10cm or more. Now ordinarily this would be fine but today it was too funny because he thought it would be a good idea to send every other pair of pants he owns back home! hahaha his other jeans, shorts, track pants! Anything else that resembled pants was on its way to Australia!
HAHAHAHAHA oh man! I couldn’t stop laughing! But lucky for Rhys I am a domestic goddess and stitched those things up like a pro! I guess we have to do more jean shopping now … GREAT! haha
Tomorrow we will be in Berlin. I have heard amazing things so I can’t wait! It will be nice to be back to paying in Euros because this Czech Koruna thing is driving us a little crazy!
See you in Berlin!!