Geneva – Day Two

Today we planned to have a real lazy day! We are going to Skype our families and in between we just planned to lay in bed all day, read books, watch movies, nap and just be real slobs basically! We had a chat to my mum and Kirsten but I don’t think Steve and Carol got our email, which is ok. When they get it will arrange a special Skype time for them 🙂 We hung around chilling till about 2pm and we started to get a bit bored. Turns out being lazy isn’t as much fun as we thought it would be haha! So we got ourselves up and ready and caught a bus into the centre of town and just walked around looking for where the main action is at.

We didn’t have a very good first impression of Geneva yesterday. In comparison to the places we have been to so far in Switzerland, it’s no where near as pretty! We weren’t sure we really liked it here but I am glad we persisted and walked around because we discovered there is much more to the place than meets the eye!
It started to get better when we reached the park in the centre of town. There were people everywhere making the most of their Saturday picnicking, playing with their kids. The park even had free wifi … Thats crazy! Rhys sat on the internet researching things to do in Geneva while I went and took photos of the beautiful gardens.
There was a few monuments and statues in the park. One being the “Reformation wall” a 100m wall depicting numerous protestant figures from across Europe. There was a huge tour group looking at the wall and when we moved to see it there was a group of 5 kids, in their best punk outfits, sitting underneath the 4 religious symbols. I thought it was a pretty strange picture to be honest haha
As we walked out of the park there were giant chess boards and checker boards everywhere and there were heaps of people playing. It was like something you would see in a movie. Cute little old men sitting on the bench watching, waiting their turn.
We wanted to see the big fountain that’s one of the main tourist attractions here. The Jet d’eau it rises 140m above the lake, easy to find from afar! So we walked toward there and found the main part of town along the way! Restaurants and shops everywhere! This is more like it!
We got photos by the fountain then went into the town. The shops were all shutting by now and Rhys wanted to find an Irish pub to watch the premier league. We found one on our map and walked up this GIANT hill to get to it, only to realise we didn’t have any cash. We walked back down the hill, got cash, went BACK up the hill again and we got into the pub to see there was no football on at all!! Their SKY box wasn’t working!!! ARGHHH Rhys was ready to give up after this but I wanted to make sure he got to see some soccer, since it has been so long! We found another one on our map across the river and it had the premier league on so Rhys was a happy boy! We had some beers and watched the game.
We went back into the centre of town to eat and found a really funky looking little thai restaurant. I ordered the crab dumplings! YUUMMMY and Rhys got a BBQ chicken with a papaya salad! SO GOOD!! Just what I needed!!
We thought it would be a mission to find a bus but there was one very close by so it couldn’t have worked any better really 🙂
Tomorrow we are hoping to get up to Mountblanc because Rhys loved it as a kid 🙂