Geneva – Day Three

Day 79

25th of September

Today Rhys was going to take the lead today and get us to Chamonix, Mont Blanc. He kept saying all day “follow me” so me being the child that I am, I imitated everything he did for about 30 minutes. Resulting in way too much laughter, and we didn’t leave the room till far too late! The worst procrastinators on the planet! haha I must say I am a little nervous about Rhys leading the way because I’m not sure we will get anywhere haha just kidding

By the time we got out we were so hungry so we made the trip into the city to get a McDonalds feed! SOOO GOOD! We looked on the WIFI to see Chamonix is in France, and a bit of a trek out on a train … After a wee bit of thought we both decided we were too lazy today. If we come back to Europe again, which we would love to, we will make the trip then.
So Rhys led the way – to the park, for wifi and chill outs! I am really we did this today because the weather was stunning! Sun shining, kids playing in the park, people all relaxing in the sun. We sat on a park bench, well I laid down, and just relaxed for a couple hours. It felt like we were miles away from any city and I loved it! The light through the leaves of the trees was so pretty. I could have stayed there all day! Alas park chills ended when Rhys tried to show me something on my phone and I went to grab it, knocked it out of his hands and it smacked me in the lip and cut me haha. So funny! We took this as a sign to stop being lazy.
After the park we just wondered through the city, the shops were all closed but it was just nice to walk around and talk. We walked toward the water front and got a couple drinks at a bar near by and people watched, which is always fun.
Next we went to get ice-cream. This whole holiday I have been dying to find raspberry ice-cream, so I could get a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of raspberry and eat them together! I thought I would find this combo in the home of gelati, Italy, with no success! But here in Geneva – I found it at the Movenpick ice-creamery. It was dreamy!! Rhys got chocolate and choc-pepeprmint and we ate our ice-creams by the water until it was sunset and we thought we would go back to the hotel and watch a movie and get room service.
It was a lovely relaxing day, not packed full of tourist activities but I feel like we got to see the best of Geneva! Where to next I hear you ask? It’s time for Amsterdam, so I am glad we got the relaxing out the way because Amsterdam is a little crazy! haha