Day 80

26th of September

Leaving Switzerland today was sad. We loved it here! We thanked Switzerland as we left on the plane. We thanked it for being wonderful, and for spending all of our money haha!

Another Easy Jet flight, a little cramp, as to be expected, but it went smoothly. I am still alive and we got to our destination in good time! Figuring out the train system, was a mission! The ticket machine was the hardest part! But we got to the Central station easy enough.

First impressions, WHY IS EVERYONE RUNNING EVERYWHERE!? It seems like everyone is in a major rush everywhere they go, but this place is buzzing!! We got on the tram toward our hotel and as we get off it looks as though we are right in the middle of the main action! We get into our hotel so we can dump our stuff and go explore! The hotel is very cute! Single beds, but still very comfortable!

We got into the hotel at about 7.00pm so when we went out to explore, first priority was food. We only stepped out the door of our hotel and found a really cute little Italian place, next door! I ordered the lamb cutlets and Rhys got a diavola pizza … This is getting ridiculous, no more pizza Rhys! The lamb cutlets made me all emotional because it was exactly like eating at home haha! Rhys didn’t enjoy his pizza and says he is over ordering pizza at restaurants. The prices are a refreshing change here too! Thankfully we are back to the good old euro

After we went to the main square and were just in awe of the lights, the sounds and the ambiance. Street performers, bars, restaurants. I love the old architecture and the canals look so beautiful at night with the light reflecting off the water. I think I like it here!

Over this trip I have developed a strong dislike for 3 things … Accordion players, Walking on tram lines and BIKES! I read online if you walk on the bike lanes here in Amsterdam, locals have made it a sport to run you down … they think it’s funny! Now I have almost been hit by a man on a bike in Vienna because the bike lanes switch sides willy nilly and now I have to try to not get hit by a bike here, when they are EVERYWHERE! haha There are lots of tram lines too and I am bound to encounter another damn accordion player soon! Mannnn!

Despite this haha I really do think it is beautiful here! A lot to see and do! It’s funny picking out the tourists… they are usually the ones who look too stoned to walk and are visiting a food outlet or supermarket. The tourist shops here are hilarious too! Anything to do with weed or sex, it’s all here. I also think the Febo’s here is great! Pretty disgusting, but a great idea – basically its a food vending machine shop … Put your money in, open the food compartment and you have a burger, a sausage, whatever you like haha! I am sure by the time our stay is over here we will have eaten something from here, and I know it will be bad haha

We went back to the hotel after walking around for a while, tomorrow we are going to check out the big museums here and hopefully get into the Anne Frank House.