I took no pictures today so here is a little something to get you by 🙂 Geneva Gardens (Read post after this for more)

Geneva – Day One

Day 77

22nd of September

Lately because it’s not really tourist season anymore, it’s been really easy just meandering down to the train station and hopping on the next train to your destination. It’s usually a much shorter journey than the trips that they give you when you reserve a seat too, which is great for us! So today was no exception we got on a train to Geneva which isn’t too far away. I got to read my book and relax for an hour or so and before we knew it we were in Geneva!

We had passed through here before when we flew from Bordeaux to Madrid and the airport was great so we were expecting good things. We have been to so many picturesque towns, so when we arrived at Geneva main station we were a little disappointed. Trying to find a tram and bus was a nightmare and even a local who wanted to help us couldn’t give us an explanation. After me getting a little annoyed and begging Rhys to get a taxi, with no joy. I decided to take action and study the map for a good 10 minutes … I decided we should take the tram into the centre of town and catch a bus from there. Even when we got into the centre there was an intricate map on how to get to the various bus stops around. After walking in the wrong direction, twice! we found our stop and our bus came shortly after.

As I said in my Bern post, the transport system is probably very simple here but after just under 80 days of travelling, hunting for your hotel gets old! It’s my least favourite thing! But I do love the moment when you find it! Sometimes it’s a major accomplishment! haha! We are staying at another Ibis hotel, they are almost exactly the same everywhere you go! In fact this Ibis is EXACTLY the same as the hotel in Bordeaux! Thats right, the hotel that I spent the night sleeping in the bathroom, vomiting after eating escargot … MEmmmooorrriiiieeessss haha.
We went downstairs and had some lasagne in the bar hotel and leached their free WIFI, because that’s what we do! Then we got ourselves settled, I bought more internet to use in the room, wrote up a few blogs! Woo!
Rhys and I put our heads on the pillow for what felt like 5 minutes and we both woke at 8pm! WOW! Where did the time go? It was pretty late so we thought we would just eat at the hotel restaurant, although Rhys was apprehensive. I got the carpaccio … and Rhys got the … YOU GUESSED IT … Diavo…. oh wait no, actually he got the steak! HA! Only he wished he got the Diavola Pizza, because he had a couple mouthfuls of steak and said it was inedible. For Rhys thats huge! The boy eats anything! I looked over and half of the steak was wobbly fat, uncooked, but where the meat was it was tough as old boots. My carpaccio would have been great if it weren’t such a huge serving, I felt like I had the whole cow in front of me! It didn’t help that there were pictures of cute cartoon cows on the top of my plate and cow ornaments surrounding me while I ate, I did my best though. Rhys was very hungry, so we went down the road to buy a diavola pizza. They didn’t have one so he got some weird rustico pizza (pretty much a diavola but with real tomatoes instead of sauce) and he brought it back to the hotel, very sheepishly. The pizza wasn’t great but he ate it happily because it wasn’t a steak haha
Tomorrow we are hoping to Skype Rhys’ parents if they get my email and my parents. To Steve and Carol if you are reading this, I have added you on Skype so maybe we can chat soon! It will be good to hear from you both 🙂 And a special thank you to Carol for your jacket, as you can see in the photos from earlier posts I was toasty warm and loving being able to stay in the snow without freezing to death hehe. So thanks heaps!