Driving the Tuscan hills

©EMC_7-4We checked out from our paradise in the Tuscan hills! Sad to say goodbye, but so glad we had this experience. If you want to know where we stayed check out this post for details

In planning we decided to splurge and book a private driver/tour from Tuscany to Rome. The reason for this decision is we would need to 1. pay almost 80 euro alone for a taxi to Siena, 2. catch a train BACK to Florence, 3. Train to Rome 4. subway to near our accom and 5. walk with our bags. We also knew we wanted to book a tour of the region regardless, so rather than book a tour AND that awful transit business … we booked a private driver. Expensive. Sure. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Door to door plus SO MUCH MORE.

We booked Tuscan Drivers and I could not recommend them enough! Our driver was Roberto and he was such a passionate human and I love conversing with passionate people! He was also so knowledgable! Couldn’t have been happier with the whole thing.


Our first stop was the town of Pienza. We were dropped off at a little back road and we were told to walk to the horizon and follow it along into town.

The view.  Blown away.


Chris did actually enjoy this. Despite his face.


The town runs along the stunning vista and there were so many pockets to get lost in and stare at. I remember the strong scent of lavender as we passed open shop fronts and the smells of food wafting from restaurants! It was divine! Visit Pienza if you can!!


I am getting so many inspirations for my garden right now! haha! Pot plants are going to be everywhere when I am home.


We stumbled across this incredible hotel/restaurant and the views were amplified up here. It would be a life goal to end up in that pool one day!


As the bells chimed through town, we walked back to our car to head to our second destination. LUNCH.


Our lunch today was at a family run restaurant/farm called Podere Il Casale A fully self sustained restaurant that cooks all the produce created on their own property, or neighbouring farms. I LOVE that! Our driver brought carrots with him so that we could feed the animals. I meannnnn. does he know I am a crazy animal lady?


This dude was so friendly. Didn’t stop Chris from ordering the goat for lunch.


Another breathtaking view. Another fantastic meal. I ordered the platter of cheeses and roast chicken and vegetables. Chris had an insanely good gnocchi and the goat stew.


I don’t like cats. But this cat was so friendly.

Didn’t stop Chris from having cat for desert.

I kid.


On the road again heading to Montepulciano. The place known for scenes of the twighlight movie.


We were told to go to a certain place called Cantina De Ricci  Head to the basement, see how beautiful it is … and TRY THE WINE! I bought a beautiful bottle of De’ Ricci – Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano. Freaking delicious. I am drinking it as I write this and I wish I bought more. BOO!

The rest of town was also gorgeous! We purchased some smelly handmade soaps and headed back to the car for the drive to Rome.


Our driver was amazing. Rome is insanely busy. How do people drive in here?? Our driver managed .. He then walked us and my bag to our door. He gave me recommendations for meals at the next two places we are staying at and I am feeling well and truly chuffed that we booked today with him.

Our apartment is literally on the Pantheons doorstep, as you can see!! But after a day of exploring, we just have a grocery shop in us and then some serriousss apartment chill time!

If you want to view our Airbnb listing, click HERE

Tomorrow we adventure Rome!


Thanks for reading all (and by all, I know its mostly just my mum. LOVE YOU and MISS YOU MA! xx)