Rome – Day Two

Not much to report today folks! I knew a work day was coming up … I have the highly anticipated Mini Sessions coming up for my work (just in case you aren’t familiar, I am a photographer over at anywhooooo … I had a full days work ahead of me today to prep the 18 sessions, the automated emails, contracts and general booking stuff so that it’s a smooth and cruisey day during tomorrows pre-launch and Mondays public launch.

With it being Chris’s Birthday tomorrow, I want to be totally present for him, so I worked really hard today to have my systems do the hard work for me tomorrow! Fingers crossed my labour pays off.


Morning of work, quick lunch downstairs at the local restaurant, that my imaginative brain decided was ABSOLUTELY the choice of the local mob.


Back upstairs to work until later. Don’t worry. Chris cracked a bottle of Rose to keep me fuelled.


Before it got dark, we decided to get some air and walked to St. Peters square and Trastevere (which is apparently THE PLACE TO EAT in Rome) .. We have gotten to the point where we are a little over eating out and Trastevere is super busy with bars, which isn’t really our scene. So home for uber eats and more work for me!


Glad I managed to kick some serious work tail AND get a little exploration in. Tomorrow I have a day of surprises prepared for Chris and I cannot wait to spoil him! I hope he loves it all!! EEK! I will likely blog the day after (again, being present and whatnot!)

Goodnight all!