It’s Chris’s Birthday … In Rome, no biggie


I barely slept! I have been planning this for a little while and since I am an anxious ant, I was freaking out about the plans, plus – Rome is so damn hot, I am in a sweat every night trying to sleep!! Oh! Plus since I worked so hard yesterday, I had one of my most successful mini session launch days ever! Plenty reasons to be buzzed and stay up half the night.

I gave Chris his first gift before leaving for our trip, his second at midnight and then the day is alllll about spoiling him.

It was all a surprise, which I can obviously fill you in with now:

Have to actively work to get him out of my photos now haha! What has happened to the boy now he is 28!


I tried to be super casual about the plans, but I probably wasn’t very subtle.

First up a fully organised surprise picnic with the AWESOME Vivi Picnic. We just needed to arrive at the Borghese gardens at 12pm and it was all set up for us. Blanket, beanbags, SO MUCH FOOD! I know Chris doesn’t like crowds and we often love to pack a picnic and so it felt like the perfect start to his Birthday celebrations. Spotting the picnic was pretty bloody cool! What a set up!



SO MUCH FOOD. Thank you Vivi Picnic!!


We just sat eating/drinking looking at the trees, listening to the creepy sounds of an Accordion player, If you are an avid follower .. you will know I CANNOT STAND THAT DAMN INSTRUMENT, but otherwise, this was a magical experience.


Time to walk back to our apartment and chill before birthday celebrations pt. 2. Oh and this guy ^ he was just randomly strumming 90s sitcom them tunes. Radical man.


Adventures continue, next … Dinner.

Chris’s favourite cuisine (OF COURSE!) Japanese at Zuma, Rome


Rooftop bar for cocktails first, pretty is skippable. The food in the restaurant however … No exaggeration, best meal of our lives. INSANE. GO THERE! These guys are all over the globe. DOOOO IT!

Get the pork gyoza, the duck and the wagyu + truffle sushi!!! INSANELY GOOD! (sorry for yelling)


Pretty certain we were sat next to two “big deal” blokes as the manager was making a fuss out of them and they were managing their social medias the whole meal haha! My guess… dj’s or footballers … but they kept seeing our amazing food and chatting to us! We ordered WELL!

We have already booked to eat there again on our return to Rome! Great meal!

I think I nailed my mission to spoil the lad!! Tomorrow we leave for Positano! YESSSS!