Positano – Day One

Today it was time to leave our apartment in the centre of town. Head HERE to see where we stayed.

We had a HELLISH 35 minute walk uphill with our bags to Roma Termini (guys … get a bus, DON’T WALK haha!) But the perks were a comfy seat and a fast train to Salerno!!


We arrived VERY quickly! We had a while to kill so FOOOOOD was the plan and then time for the port to get on our ferry.


These prawns were the BEST! I am planning to get more on the way back from Positano!


Our ferry ride through “Travelmar” was smooth sailing! My recommendation, when you get on your ferry to Positano, head directly to your right – and sit at a booth! That is where all the coastline views are!! … and boy are they impressive!


Positano is CRAZY busy where you dock, but we entrusted our bags with the Positano Porters (life saving) and walked toward our accomodation which is 25 minutes away in crowds. Today we walked uphill wayyyyy too much for my liking haha!


The views were breathtaking though!


On arrival, the staff asked for our passports, said they would arrange a welcome drink, and then made us sit waiting .. for an hour (drinks never arrived) … communication is pretty important, we had no idea why we were waiting (check in was at 2 .. we arrived at 4) and no idea where our drinks were .. They never arrived, Our passports weren’t returned until much later either.


FINALLY our room was ready and it is divine!!! We have our own courtyard, a few steps from the pool and restaurant! YES PLEASE!

We are staying at The Hotel Merincanto 


15 minutes before the restaurant closed, we hurried to order fries and a drink! GREAT idea! I was hangry as heck!


We spent the afternoon appreciating the view. There was a wedding next door with a wedding singer .. so we lapped up the music, the sights and took time to appreciate how damn lucky we are to be in Positano.




As the sun is set I fell asleep on my outdoor lounge. Shit life.


They ignored us again for a while .. but there is one really great waiter that does all the work for the whole hotel, lol no joke .. he was great, and made sure we were fed, even though we weren’t one of his tables. Yummy food… but heck, we are tired. Time for a quick bath (cos we got one, heck yeahhhh) and BEDDDD!



Night all!!