Positano – Day Two

After re-reading my blogs from the last two days .. its pretty clear I shouldn’t write when tired, or after drinking (therefor I shouldn’t do it at all this holiday haha) I am so sorry if things don’t make sense! I always write these blogs so late at night, so my mum can read it when she wakes in the morning haha! Forgive me for any rubbish writing haha!

I don’t have a lot to report today, because I was VERY relaxed. I woke up crazy early and watched the sky light up this morning.



Hotel breakfast! Fantastic.


We thought heading to the beach club for the day would be a great plan!


Until we got to the bottom of a trillion stairs, to be told only the crappy lounges were part of our hotel and the cool ones pictured here start at 60 euro each.

Hmm .. nahhhh thanks! Stupid long walk back up the stairs for us! (dead)


Chris is far too perky about this torture.


The steps almost killed me!! So it was time for a drink and a swim.


Sun lounging, a bit of work, as I launched my public release mini sessions (another big success) and then time for some lunch!


We tried to eat at our hotel restaurant … however there was no one to serve us, and no one in the hotel lobby was interested in acknowledging me to even ask them for service, so we walked out and so did another couple. I guess we will find food elsewhere.

Hotel Merincanto, beautiful, but don’t expect good service. lol. There are three staff members here that work SUPER hard. The pool bar guy, one waiter and one waitress. Thats about it and I feel for them, because they look like they are totally aware of the failures of all the other staff.

Shit hotel service was a universe win, because we ended up at a restaurant down the road and they served THE BEST mussels and clams EVER! Winner! Bit of town adventuring, and back to the hotel to relax more.


This cat is cute, but I wish it would stop shitting in our courtyard.

Chris headed to the room to watch gaming vids and I took my book to the pool lounge and relaxed ALL afternoon. BLISS!


Another day, another wedding! Loving this free live music I am getting!


Sun has set on another beautiful day in Positano!!


We showered and got ready to eat. headed to the no.1 rated Restaurant in Positano on Tripadvisor, Case Mele Positano.

What an experience, the theatre of the food had me smiling the whole time! Great carpaccio, Chris’s carbonara, truffle risotto, INSANELY good! great service! Honestly couldn’t recommend enough. We were sat next to a super friendly Aussie couple! So we chatted to them most of the night and just loved every bit of our experience. Especially the massive jars of lollies presented to us with dessert!!


Dinner done, blog done. I am seriously SO tired. relaxing, eating and drinking all day is tough okayyyyy! haha! and we need to do this all over again tomorrow … oh jeeeez!!

Night all!