Leaving Positano

No blog yesterday, but thats because I spent the day snoozing on a pool chair and swimming all day. Ultimate relaxation!!

Dinner was room service while we watched the sunset. Terrible huh?


We had a good sleep, in preparation for another transit day. Transit days can be rough!

The day started with an awesome buffet breakfast ordering our bags to be portered to the dock and then we hit the road.


The ferry ride was busy but went smoothly. This bloke was here to help us with getting our heavy bags off the boat (he helped us on the way over too .. what a lad)


After the ferry we rushed to the station to get on our train, we arrived JUST in time!! After the high speed train we jumped on the metro! A lot of rushing about with stupidly heavy bags … WHY DID I PACK SO MUCH?! But we got thissssss!

We arrived at the hotel and the doors were locked. No concierge. So we were very confused. I called the hotel and they buzzed us in externally, our keys were inside and it seemed like we were the only people in the whole hotel!! Was expecting to have to sleep on the stairs at first! haha!


Nice room however. Once we were settled in, I had a super great long shower and hopped in their spa with a book to relax a little. I feel like this is a much better place to stay in Rome as its a less hectic area.


Dinner timeeeee! We loved Zuma, Roma SO much, so we booked in again for tonight! (even though we discovered another highly reviewed Japanese restaurant is across the road from our hotel haha)

Little bit of a walk, but it was nice and quiet in Rome today, so it was lovely!


Dinner was great again! The waiter mentioned their special of the day .. sounded delicious, so we ordered it. When it arrived we noticed there was a freaking diamond thing on the caviar jar .. and we laughed .. well shit .. this is going to be expensive.

Chris was also sternly told he couldn’t eat half of the damn dish because of his shellfish allergy… we probably should have cancelled ordering it .. because guysss …. GUYSSSSS … the dish cost $140!!

This is not a joke! HAHAHHAA!

$140 and Chris could only eat some of it HAHAHA!

Ah well … YOLO! Home time to chill and watch our favourite show “The Undateables” haha!


Goodnight alllllll!