Our Last day in Rome

Good Morning all!!

I have had a GREAT sleep! This is the most comfy bed so far of the whole trip! I haven’t been sleeping the best this holiday. I have come to the realisation that I am completely trained to not sleep a full night through, accustomed to sleeping in segments, being with a nightshift worker. Ah well! It works for me! And I always get a chance to have a nap this holiday, who doesn’t love a good nap


Breakfast was delivered to us in bed this morning! HECKKK YEAHHH! As I was eating, I realised my vision was disappearing. I haven’t had it in agessss, but I was getting a migraine with aura. JOY! So I spent the breakfast clumsily grabbing at things semi blindly … and then I felt the migraine hit. HARD.

The only option was pain meds, curtains closed and sleep!

I woke around an hour later, headache still rough .. but I was hungry (again …It never stops) … so the plan is an easssssyyyy lunch, Burger King and take it to the Borghese Gardens to eat. (which we barely made as I got too dizzy to walk far and we stopped at the beginning of the park and sat on the grass to eat)


Heck yes to Burger King.


“Feeeeeed the birdddddsss …. tuppence a baggggggggg” …


Home time to chill and rest off my headache and then we got ourselves ready for “Taste of Roma”

I have been to, and LOVED the Taste Festival in Perth! But they stopped it for some reason, so this was a MUST in Rome! A lot of the best Restaurants (Michelin level) Set up food stalls and you buy little dishes from wherever you like!!

We caught the tram up, which was easy, Metro + trams are the same system and we are near a metro stop to buy a ticket.


At ‘Taste’ it was a little complicated as EVERYTHING is in Italian, so before we left, I translated the menus into English – Chris has a shellfish allergy, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ordering anything that would kill him, cos that would not be great. Hahaha!


The food was fantastic!!! Highlight was Osteria Fernada’s Egg yolk ravioli, parmesan, carpaccio and leek & All’Oro’s Bruschetta dessert! LORDY!!

The dessert bruschetta, a sweet red jelly, pieces of tomato, a sweetened and salted bread + a basil gelato.. so clever!

We also had the yummy Piedmont-style veal: Turin breadsticks, pickled vegetables, tuna sauce and ground parsley (WHITE)


This is the card you load up to enjoy your Taste experience! So glad I have been twice before, or I would have been VERY CONFUSED!


Mirabelle Hotel Splendide’s basil Gnocchi, smoked butter, yuzu mousse + tuna bottarga


The famous carbonara by Pipero

Like we didn’t have ENOUGH food .. We wanted to try the Japanese restaurant across from our hotel, so we treated taste like an entree, jumped in a cab and headed to “Fingers Roma”


I ordered the Tuna + Truffle Millefoglie + Kobe Carpaccio and Chris ordered Chicken Gyoza + Chicken nuggets. Super delicious!! I am stufffffed though!!


I think we have really rocked todays eating adventures!! Even if my sore head tried to stop us haha! Time to go home, have a vino, watch more trashy tv and prep our bags for another transit day .. Next stop Greece!