I’m home babyyyyy … In Athens

I have been SO excited about heading to Greece! The country of amazing food! I am mostly excited to show Chris because it was a place I didn’t expect to be so incredible when I came here in 2011 and it blew me away! I hope he has a similar experience!

The day started super early. We organised a private transfer from the hotel for 8:15am for our 10:30 flight, which worked out perfectly!

Carrying our bags around truly sucks. A couple wheels have snapped off my bag – so it is a bit of a B*** to carry around to be honest! haha! PACK LIGHT PEOPLE! The flight was great with Aegean Airlines, they were really clear with emails and communication and we got food … and I LOVE PLANE FOOOOOOD!

Only 1.5hrs in the air! and we have arrived in Athens! If you’re a long term follower, you know I LOVE ATHENS! It was my favourite place in Europe for my last trip. I unintentionally booked a place in the same block as my last trip and I am stoked about it!! Great restaurants, easy transport and I have less chance of getting us lost!

The train from the airport to our accomodation was BUSY! We stood for the whole hour and it got so busy we were worried we both wouldn’t get off in time after squeezing past everyone, but we did! Poor Chris .. this is hell for him haha! Transit days are always a bit meh! but the locations are always worth it!

We arrived at our hotel! I will share our accom here soon (so watch this space)

The apartment is beautiful!! This is one of the hotels cheaper rooms but we are beyond happy! So much inspiration for our own home!! Concrete bathrooms, day bed, lighting!! A well designed space! So stoked with this find!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.48.07 pm copyScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.48.16 pm copyScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.48.01 pm copyScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.47.35 pm copy

These photos are by the hotel themselves – I made too much mess with luggage on arrival to take pretty photos ahaha!

We have arrived pretty late in the day so we settled in and headed out for an early dinner. We went to this same location for my first meal last time and it was DIVINE! It has been updated since, but the food was still INCREDIBLE! … anddddd it was on the list of restaurants recommended by the hotel!


We chose Riza Riza. We ordered the cheese pie (wow) the Penne (SO good) baby potatoes and greek salad (yes please) … SO much food, but we were shovelling it down! Safe to say Chris likes Greece already and I cannot wait to show him more!


… and guys .. lets not lose our shit, but Chris drank and sort of enjoyed a glass of greek wine with me *screams like a teen girl* .. I need to keep my chill! I hope this means more wines with my man in Greece as the trip goes on!

Chill time!! Night alllllll!