Athens – Day Two

Have I mentioned I love this place? Sure it’s not all old stunning architecture or clean streets, but the vibe in this place just feels GOOOOOD! Since the last time I was here, the area we are staying in has become super “hipster” Lots of new bars and restaurants have popped up and people are embracing the grungey, chill vibe of Koukaki!

Today we decided to hit the pavement and get exploring. No real ambitions (which has kind of been the whole trip) but just to see, feel and taste ‘Athens’.

We walked toward the Acropolis, an easy way to find your bearings in this place. It is SO much busier than when I was here last!


I made Chris take so many photos of me today, poor lad! Hoping to get a few good ones for my new business website that I am working on! haha!


We stumbled accross a pretty cute restaurant and they served Haloumi! So BOOM, you’re it!


Food was pretty good, but yesterdays meal was still the highlight so far!! We ordered the Haloumi in a crispy coating, the dolmades in a lemon cream sauce + the lamb chops and fries!


The colour schemes of the buildings here make my heart happy!! Love the grey/blue shutters and doors!


We decided to head over to Athens gardens for a walk and chill .. and we bumped into ‘Taste’ Athens – the same festival we were at in Rome!! Damnnnn I wish I knew this was here before!! lunch would have been pretty radical!


This park has a ‘zoo’ in it … which is like … a few cages with accidental pigeons in it and some goats/rabbits haha!


Net stop ‘Syntagma’ I want to see them stray dogs again …

but guys … the dogs seem to be replaced with heaps of people… I could cry. WHERE ARE THE STRAY DOGS OF ATHENS.


I found my favourite clothes retailer here! So that was a win, but I am still flat about the lack of digs.

… until I stepped outside of the shop and BOOM. My first diggy sighting and lord if this isn’t the most happy dog ever! Day made. This is why I love this place! Guys … research stray dogs of Athens … you would expect it to make you sad .. but man, its a lovely, lovely thing. This city embraces the heck out of their free dogs haha!


Home time for the worlds best nap and then prepare for drinks and dinner!

We got drinks first at Meerkat cocktail safari 

We ordered the GREEK DIAMOND –  Dry Mastiha, Ouzo Plomari, Lemon Juice, Melon, Basil, Agave (frozen & refreshing)

Great music, nice staff! Stoked!


Dinner was another hotel recommendation. The Balcony Restaurant + Bar

The staff were awkward and kind of great. We won them over in no time, One waiter seemed disappointed that I ordered a wine that wasn’t greek grapes and he almost completely gave up on us when Chris ordered a coke (until we ordered a greek pie! We were pals again after that.. cos its greek, of course!) and another thought I shouldn’t order a whole bottle of wine to myself, but was so happy when we asked him what he liked to eat here haha! Another was totally stiff and weird, until I said I was going to lick the plate, then she was hilarious HAHA! I know I am pretty awk, but these guys take the cake, I love that though!

We ordered the lamb carpaccio, the Greek pies, poached egg + mushroom risotto!


Dinner was great! The servings were SUPER generous! Another yummy Greek meal!

Dinner has us stuffed! Time to walk home and drink the remainder of my wine in my room, watching shitty tv!

See you tomorrow Athens!