Athens – Day Three

Today we tried to go back to the restaurant from the first day, but it was fully booked! So instead we walked the area to find something else to eat! We found some cuties on the way!


We headed to “Lukamades” to try the well known Athens snack! Loukoumades, Greek Street Traditionally, are deep fried round pieces of dough, covered in honey or honey syrup … Known to be an ancient dessert awarded to the winners of the Olympic games. Chris ordered his with honey, cinnamon and ice-cream and I ordered it stuffed with feta in a sweet chilli sauce! YUM!


Once we had tried these, we booked in at GB rooftop bar for our official lunch with a view (not that we need any more food)

As we approached the super fancy hotel, Chris asked “wait! .. will I get in??” I looked back and he had a Jurassic Park shirt on and thongs haha … The way I saw it,  it was worth a shot .. luckily their dress code doesn’t set in until 6pm so it wasn’t a problem at all!

We walked up to the top and the view up here is spectacular!


Chris ordered the Ravioli and I ordered the risotto! Delicious! But heck, I am fit to burst!! SO MUCH FOOD!


We decided to walk the 25 minutes home so that we are working off our double lunch!

Nap time!!


Tonight we have planned to head to one of the Open Air Cinemas here: Thision  to watch “Ad Astra” – A beyond average movie! Magical venue however! (there were kittens everywhere … CAYYUTEEEEE! I got great wine, delicious popcorn + chocolate! and the place smells like Cherries as the ladies here make homemade cherry soda!


Tomorrow we fly to Zayknthos! Cannot wait!