I’m (slowly) on my way, Santorini

We started the day with another epic Lesante Buffet breaky and prepared to leave Zakynthos!


We were picked up by our “taxi” uhm… fancy taxi and we are super prepared and ready for a travel day …

Except no one could prepare us for the BS of todays travels.

Sky Express. URGHHHH! No words guys.

Delays after delays. Missed our connecting flight, no information, so much confusion and our 2hrs of flights turned into an 9hr travel day.

Bring on Santorini. We earned it.


This quote from my book was a pretty great leveller though! “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one’s own way” So we chose to tackle today head on and not be too annoyed by the mess around.


Hopefully this is our last shitty flight!

We were picked up by a “Semi private transfer” organised by our hotel. Which turned out to be a fully private transfer, in a freaking luxury bus!! We are absolutely winning on the transfer front lately!

As I promised myself back in 2011 .. I am BACK Santorini!!

Walking the bend to the accomodation was another “take your breath away” moment, Oh Santorini, you beautiful thing you!

We are staying at the incredible Astra Suites,  I stayed here in 2011 and there was no comparison .. even with my endless research. THIS IS THE PLACE TO STAY GUYS!

Photos won’t do it justice, you MUST go!! Our room is pretty adorable! Little loft bedroom and everything we need! Check this space later for our hotel details!


We watched the sunset, showered and headed to dinner at the hotel to eat THE BEST gnocchi of our lives! TO DIE FOR!!


And now … blogging .. and time to sleep! Today was a cracker, I am exhausted! Bring on two days of pool hangs and good food! (I think I can deal with that)