Santorini … You beautiful thang you!

Today we just ate, swam, read our books and relaxed… shock! HA!

Day started with reading on our own private pool chairs. I have read three books so far this holiday. I bought a corny Santorini based fiction at the airport in Athens, and honestly .. I am loving it! “One Summer in Santorini” – Sandy Barker. Not a profound read or anything, but so in tune with my holiday vibe right now.


Breakfast at our hotel is pretty great, you just tick on a piece of paper each day to say what you want and they bring it to your room! BOOM! Today we tried to not be too greedy, tomorrow … we aren’t holding back folks!!

I had a massage booked for the morning .. It was BLISS! 1 hr of total relaxation, the lady was amazing!! Feeling a little tender as I write this, but I figure thats because she has done some good!


After my massage I rinsed off in the shower and prepared for a dip in the infinity pool! The water was an amazing temp! Warm, but still cool and refreshing .. Couldn’t have been more perfect! I spent most of the day going from the pool to the sunbed .. and my sunburnt skin is now the victim of my efforts, probably because of the massage oil soaked into my skin! Ah well #holidayproblems


We ordered a room service lunch, a delicious grilled chicken, pita and fries. Uhm. YUM! Room service doesn’t incur a service charge here, as they love to serve you in your room! Win!! This place is the best!

Afterward we read for a longgggggggg time and as the evening approached, we headed out of the hotel to buy an early dinner.


Chris loves photos .. as you can see!


We decided on something easy, Gyros + chips, takeaway! We ordered the mega pack .. can’t wait to take it home and devour it!


When we opened our meal we were a little stunned. A MASSIVE BOX FULL OF MEAT. Fortunately with a bit of digging, I found chips, pita and salads haha! but it was SUCH a weird way to pack a meal!

Delicious however! We got this from Lets Eat


As we finished our meals, we got a call from the hotel, asking if it was ok for them to drop off a gift … WELL OF COURSE.

So let me point out, we already got a bottle of wine on arrival .. and then tonight … a bottle of Sparkling wine shows up…

Like guysssss …  SPOILT?! Don’t forget to come back to this post in a few days when I share where we are staying! It is a bucket list MUST STAY hotel!!


The even better gift was that Chris LIKES SPARKLING WINE!! I can now drink wine with my man! I am overjoyed!!


Our neighbours came out and we got talking for a while. a lovely couple from New York holidaying “kid free”! The gals name was Erin .. I meannnn, what are the chances?!  I took some photos for them, they took some of us! Was super nice to chat to folk!
Also .. please note my very burnt skin. Greatttttt!2019-09-26_00262019-09-26_0027

The sun has set on another day in Santorini and there was another cute gift left on our bed from the hotel .. seriously .. this place!


Tucked in for an early night, because we are grandparents in Europe and excited for another day in Santorini tomorrow!

Byeeee all