I’m not leaving. NOPE. You Can’t make me – Santorini

Seriously … 3 nights. NOT ENOUGH.


Today started as it did yesterday, a freaking great breakfast and a ridiculous view. I hate to think of the mental health of any person that could get used to/get bored of this view.

No concrete plans today, which is lucky because I woke up to 2 wedding bookings and a heap of booking inquiries, so a work day it is …  I freaking love my job though and who says it can’t be done on a sun lounger??


Just me, living my best life.


Lunch time!! and then time to hang by the pool!


The rest of the day was spent reading, and honestly .. does it get any better?? Probably not.


When I went back into the room I saw ANOTHER gift has been left for us .. like really????? Whatttttt?! Oil, balsamic and salt created in Greece. Wow.

Turns out I am materialistic … cos this place is buying me with presents. I am solddddd.


More chilling .. and time to enjoy OUR LAST SANTORINI SUNSET… wahhhhh…


There is no time to get too upset about our last sunset, it’s dinner time, at Avocado


Look the food was, ok.

But guys, the stray dogs up the road.

The Goldie was called “Ericko” and prior to this photo being taken, he had found a comfy spot ON my lap and nuzzled in my neck. His pal, who I was giving plenty love to also, was shivering and so skinny… Chris told me I was being ridiculous when I asked to buy food to feed him. But as we walked off he said it was upsetting him too much to see them like that .. and we discussed that feeding them anything sold at that mini mart wouldn’t have even been healthy for them anyway 😦 Gosh I hope the restaurants feed him some delicious meat and vegetables!

I love my dogs. SO MUCH! but never has my dog been as grateful for my love as Ericko was for my belly scratches. Urgh …. my heart aches.


Santorini has this AMAZINNGGGG fog happening at the moment. Its this Super fast rushing cloud flowing around! It has something to do with the volcano temp mixing with the air around here, apparently …. and it is something to witness.

.. and yes, I know This is a shit photo to show it. Book a ticket to Santorini and see for yourself, k??


It’s our last night here… Imma lap it up.

Goodnight all!